Monday, April 5, 2010

My Trip to the Flower Park

Today, me and a bunch of my cousins went to see Dallas Blooms at the Dallas Arboretum - our moms came too, of course. (It's not like our strollers were gonna push themselves, right?) There were so many pretty flowers there in every color that I know of, and way too many to count.
I wanted to pick one sooooo bad.....but I didn't.
We stopped off at this really splishy splashy water fall, took our shoes off, and proceeded to play for a small while. It was really cool. My brother kept running around like a crazy kid - I think he enjoyed it more than any of the rest of us... Crazy kid, that Walker is...
Yep. There he is again...showing off, as usual. ;)
Don't let my cool exterior fool you... My hair isn't the only unruly thing about me - I know how to cut loose and go wild, too!
See. Here I am running amuck like a wild kid! This is where all of us cousins played chase and had a snack. The grass was so soft and squishy under my feet - it was really fun!
Wecame across these fish on the trail - they were huge! Not to mention, they looked hungry...very hungry. Good thing no one fell in! I should have thrown them some of my goldfish crackers to eat, huh?
This is me sitting atop a deer statue...we all took turns getting our pictures taken sitting here.
Who even knows what I was giggling about? I'm so silly sometimes!
Here Walk and I are making funny faces at our mom... nothing new here.
Overall, it was a pretty swell day. We got to hang with our cousins, play barefooted in a splashy waterfall fountain, play chase on a really green grassy lawn, see tons of flowers, and say "Cheese!" all day for the camera. By lunch time, we were worn out and ready to split!

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